Kitchen Storage Solutions

The kitchen is often the most used space in your home — and the least loved.

Half-filled spice jars can clutter your countertop.

Piles of mismatched containers and lids can overflow from your cabinets.

And coffee filters and paper plates can get crammed in your pantry alongside bulky boxes of cereal and bags of bread.

Sometimes, the kitchen can be a total mess. But don’t worry!

Here are 5 clever kitchen organization ideas that will keep your kitchen clutter-free so you can focus on what matters most (no, really): enjoying your food.

1. Store spices, baking ingredients, and snacks in jars or other transparent containers.

Mason Zip Bag

One of the best ways to save space in your kitchen and keep everything neat is to use transparent containers. Store everything from spices and baking ingredients to cereal, chips, and loose-leaf tea in either glass or plastic reusable containers.

If you plan to store things like flour, sugar, and baking powder on open shelves, use containers like glass jars, or if you want to save more space in your kitchen the best solution for you is to use Reusable Mason Ziplock bags.

2. Use your walls, ceiling, and doors for vertical kitchen storage.
Over the Door Storage Rack.

Take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen.

The inside of a pantry door, the sides of your cabinets, and the space above your stove are all creative kitchen organization ideas for cooking tools and cleaning supplies — without having to sacrifice any counter or drawer space.

Nail plastic pencil trays and baskets to the cabinet door below your sink to store extra sponges, rolls of trash bags, and dish soap.

3. Use A Magnetic Strip For Storage

Using a magnetic strip is one of the most creative small kitchen storage ideas because it can free up many areas in your kitchen.

You can gain some drawer or countertop space by removing bulky containers and storing the knives or kitchen utensils on the magnetic strip.

This can also be one of many great kitchen wall storage ideas.

Even if you don’t have a lot of free wall space, the strips can be installed vertically to make the most of the room you do have.

4. Bring the Lazy Susan back

Lazy Susans are a great addition to corner cabinets and other areas where it can be difficult to reach to the back of the shelf.

Use these handy units to organize spices, baking supplies, or other small items that are often difficult to keep organized and accessible.

5. Lid Organizers

Lids have always been one of the biggest kitchen storage problems.

Finding a way to conveniently organize your lids can really improve the storage capacity and convenience of your kitchen.

Storing your plastic lids in a separate drawer can often be helpful.

You could also attach a lid organizer to the inside surface of your cabinet drawers to create convenient storage space.

These can work great for both plastic containers and cookware lids.

Once you improve the storage options in your kitchen, the entire room will probably feel more spacious and easier to work in.

Now your only problem will be resisting the urge to buy more kitchen gadgets to fill up your new-found space!

Good Luck! ☺️